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Episode 22 · 4 days ago

30 June 1982

A trip back to this day in 1982 as Steve and Julian discuss the UK charts and the other things that were happening around them. This week: Angus Young finds a cannon, the world's most famous band reforms as "The Ladders", and a pair of talking trousers goes to number one in South Africa. It'll all make sense if you listen.

Episode 21 · 1 week ago

23 June 1988

Another trip back in time to this day in 1988 as Steve and Julian discuss the UK singles and album charts, as well as a broader look at the day's events. Along the way they set fire to a Toblerone, dodge an attack from Phil Collins' catapult, and discuss the difference between Tall Paul, Topol and T'Pau.

Episode 20 · 2 weeks ago

16 June 1985

Episode 20 of the Off The Chart podcast, and they said it wouldn't last! Steve and Julian examine the UK charts and surrounding events of this day in 1985, including the fourth best song called "The Power of Love", the hijacking of Demis Roussos and what happens when Bob Dylan and Shane MacGowan try to have a conversation.

Episode 19 · 3 weeks ago

9 June 1980

This week's Off The Chart sees Steve and Julian travelling back a full four decades to examine the goings-on from this day in 1980, while avoiding Michael Jackson's Humpty Dumpty act, Spain's cleanest bandit ever to be immortalised in song by Boney M, and Dave Lee Travis helping school leavers make the most of what they've got.